PetVille releases Mother's Day clothing and furniture


What would we do if it wasn't for our favorite Facebook games reminding us of important holidays? PetVille has just released a big set of furniture and clothing honoring the special day when moms all over the globe are in the spotlight. Let's take a look at the list of items to buy your PetVille-playing mother!


Pink Teddy Bear Rug - 15,000 coins (requires 15 neighbors) or 15 Pet Cash
Pink Token-Operated Pool Table - 20,000 coins (requires 15 neighbors) or 20 Pet Cash
Daisy Bear Balloon - 9,000 coins
Mom's Multi-Balloons - 8,000 coins
Litted Potted Shrub - 6 Pet Cash
Mother's Day Balloon - 3,000 coins
Heart Shaped Shrub - 9 Pet Cash
Mom's Garden Wind Chime - 9 Pet Cash
Whitus Maximus (table) - 900 coins
Mom's Special Cake - 8 Pet Cash
M-O-M Wind Chime - 8 Pet Cash
Elizabeth the 17th Wood Bed - 725 coins
Pancake and Juice Tray - 5,000 coins
Pink Parfum - 7 Pet Cash
Red Heart Perfume - 7 Pet Cash
Bain Marie Rose Perfume - 8 Pet Cash
Mom's Day Mixed Bouquet - 6 Pet Cash
Personal Chest - 7,000 coins
Cooling Pie on Windowsill - 30 Pet Cash
Fancy Breakfast Set - 9 Pet Cash
Mom's Rose Basket - 7 Pet Cash
Mom's Breakfast Tray - 6,000 coins
Bathroom Basket Set - 15 Pet Cash
Wonderful Mom Balloon - 3,000 coins


I Heart Mom Tee (White) - 5,500 coins
I Heart Mom Tee (Black) - 4,500 coins
Cupcakey Apron (Brown) - 7,000 coins
Cupcakey Apron (Pink) - 7,500 coins
Lovely Lace Baker's Dress (Blue) - 19 Pet Cash
Wooden Spoon - 7 Pet Cash
Busy Bow (Blue) - 10 Pet Cash
Lovely Lace Baker's Dress (Pink) - 20 Pet Cash
Betty Watch (Pink) - 10 Pet Cash
Busy Bow (Pink) - 9 Pet Cash
Lovely Lace Baker's Dress (Purple) - 21 Pet Cash
Betty Watch (Purple) - 11 Pet Cash
Busy Bow (Purple) - 8 Pet Cash
Retro Bow Dinner Heels (Black) - 3,000 coins
Retro Bow Dinner Heels (Pink) - 3,500 coins
Retro Bow Dinner Heels (Blue) - 3,000 coins
Marianne Potluck Dress w/ Pearls - 18 Pet Cash
Mommy Dear Dress w/ Layered - 19 Pet Cash
Vintage Dorothy Coat w/ Layered (Blue) - 9,000 coins
Vintage Dorothy Coat w/ Layered (Pink) - 9,500 coins

We noticed that the majority of items this time are Pet Cash, and almost all of the coins items are less exciting. This is in stark contrast to their jungle themed items, which skewed heavily to being available for coins aside from a couple pieces. There are some versatile pieces here, though, that will look nice beyond Mother's Day.

Does your mom play Petville? Will you be buying these items as gifts, or for yourself?