Mafia Wars Paris Challenge Missions sneak peek

mafia wars challenge mission
Grab those tourist maps and prepare to take your Mafia Family to the City of Light. That's right -- a sneak peek of Mafia Wars Paris snuck out over the weekend. From the looks of it, the first three missions in this city will unlock in a certain amount of time and it seems like there will only be a limited time to complete them all. Chapter 1 unlocks on Monday, April 26, Chapter 2 a week later and Chapter 3 three weeks later. Once each chapter is completed, players will earn some valuable rare items, which -- we presume -- will be the French Kiss, Fixer and DaVinci Q415 spotted in the game last week.
mafia wars paris challenge missions
To check out these upcoming missions, select Paris from the Travel menu in the top navigation. You will then receive a notification that Paris requires you to have ONE more mafia Members to play. You then have the option to invite another friend to join your mafia, or you can buy 10 extra mafiosos for 18 Reward Points. Once you have enough thugs for the job, the next goal is collecting Parisian maps. Maps can be collected every 24 hours from the Challenge Missions page or collected from jobs, fighting and robbing in other cities.

mafia wars paris challenge missions
Since Mafia Wars Paris: Chapter 1 hasn't launched yet, we'll be waiting in the meantime, trying to collected as many Parisian maps as possible. One thing we can say about these challenge missions -- they're a godsend to high-level power players who've finished all of the available jobs and are just biding their time until Mafia Wars Vegas rolls out sometime this year.

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