FishVille Candy House: Learn how to build your own

FishVille have just released a brand new buildable item, and it's a tasty looking Candy House! We're sure you're excited about this (because we are) and you're probably wondering exactly what you need to do to build it. Here is what you need to do to build your very own Candy House in FishVille.

If you don't yet have the base of a Candy House, you can either buy it for 1 Sand Dollar from the store, or you can ask someone to gift it to you. Once you have the first piece, simply place it in your aquarium. You'll see that it doesn't look like much yet, but once you start collecting a few of these you'll see it building before your very eyes! You now need to collect more Candy Houses from your friends - you need a total of 10 to build the house to full size. Click on the Candy House in your gift box, and then place it on top of your existing Candy House in your aquarium. You'll see the total number needed increment up by one each time you do this.

If you are impatient or don't have many friends to gift this to you, you can buy all the pieces you need from the store. It will cost you a total of 10 Sand Dollars to have this buildable, which is a fairly reasonable price since it is quite large and unique. Send Candy Houses to your friends, so they can build up their own and send you pieces as well!

Have you started your Candy House in FishVille yet?