Cafe World Spice Rack easier now than ever!


Have you been working hard to build your spice rack in Cafe World? When they released, we gave you the full guide on how to build your very own spice rack - so we're sure a lot of you have long completed this spicy treat for your cafe.

For those of you who haven't completed it yet, it's easier than ever to complete your spice rack! Previously, every person had a random two pieces needed to build the rack available to send to gifts. This made it difficult because not everyone had all the pieces they could send to friends. Cafe World has now changed this, and everyone can gift all pieces required to build the spice rack. It's a good thing too, because they also just told us that spice racks will start becoming even more important than they already are! Oooh, surprises!

Start requesting the pieces you need to complete your spice rack, because you don't want to miss out on the upcoming fun!

What other purposes do you think the Cafe World spice racks could serve?

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