FCC says disabled need better access to broadband


Could the Internet revolution -- or at least the broadband version -- be skipping over the disabled?

A new report from the Federal Communications Commission is offering hints of that it is.

It says that while the disabled have traditionally been early technology adopters because it helped them overcome difficulties, they seem to be left out of much of the latest broadband revolution.

According to the FCC, about 42% of Americans with disabilities had broadband at home as of late last year. That number was well below the 65% national average for all Americans. Put another way, while 24% of Americans had a disability, 39% of those with one didn't have broadband connections.

The FCC drew its figures from a survey it conducted from October to November 2009 to prepare its National Broadband Plan. That plan, released earlier this year, offered recommendations to speed up internet connections and provide more broadband service all over the country.

The disabled study examined further one of the groups that aren't being served so well.