Zoo Paradise rolls out new items to decorate your zoo


Zoo Paradise has been slightly quiet lately, but they are still one of the leading Facebook games right now with almost 4.5 million players each month.

The game is a tycoon style zoo simulation that puts you in the place of a zookeeper with a large zoo to tend to and guests to entertain and satisfy. It has the same art style as Crowdstar's other games, Happy Pets, Happy Aquarium, and Happy Island, and is a pretty enjoyable game. Zoo Paradise has just released a whole new set of decorations to place in your zoo, and we have the scoop for you.

Here is the full list:

Japanese Pagoda - 12 Facebook Credits
Ornamental Grass - 2 coins
Rope Fence - 2 coins
Iron Lamp Post - 4 coins
Prickly Pear Cactus - 8 coins
Stone Planter - 8 coins
Small Mountain Rock - 8 coins
Layered Rock - 9 coins
Stubby Cactus - 11 coins
Hook Cactus - 12 coins
Frosty Tip Evergreen - 13 coins
Boulder - 13 coins
Barrel Cactus - 13 coins
Evergreen Tree - 13 coins
Rounded Boulder - 13 coins
Fern Tree - 14 coins
Beany Boulder - 14 coins
Large Mountain Rock - 14 coins
Large Skinny Cactus - 16 coins
Large Budding Cactus - 17 coins
Eucalyptus Tree - 17 coins
Rhino Topiary - 21 coins
Baby Elephant Topiary - 21 coins
Bear Topiary - 21 coins
Saguaro Cactus - 23 coins
Picnic Table - 26 coins
Rope Jungle - 32 coins
Stone Bench - 33 coins
Romanesque Bench - 36 coins
Bronze Turtle Statue - 86 coins
Bronze Tiger Statue - 101 coins
Bronze Seal Statue - 120 coins

You'll notice that out of all of this massive update, there is only one decoration that isn't available for coins and its the Japanese Pagoda. The pagoda is actually quite simple, so it's surprising to us that it's the paid item instead of one of the bronze statues or topiaries. This is a huge update with lots of bits and pieces to use to really make your zoo stand out and make your patrons happy.

Which of the new items are you most excited for in Zoo Paradise?