Wild Ones: Exclusive sneak peek at Antigrav Missle

Over the last few weeks, Wild Ones has been releasing new content. New accessories and the Spider Bomb are among the new items. This week, fans eager for more are getting a sneak peak at the new Antigrav Missile.

As demonstrated in the video above, this new missile is not affected by gravity like other weapons are. This means that there is no arc to take into consideration, it flies perfectly straight. In addition, the missile looks powerful; in comparison to the regular missile, the Antigrav Missile's explosion seems significantly larger. However, as seen above, the catch seems to be

wild ones spider bomb
wild ones spider bomb

that the Antigrav Missile moves very slowly. Although the AI player above didn't move, you can expect to see real players frantically scrambling to move outside of the incoming missile's sizable blast radius.

While it's awesome to see Wild Ones expanding their arsenal and adding some variety to gameplay, the question on everyone's mind is: what's it going to cost? Unfrotunately, 30 Spider Bombs cost 24 Facebook Credits. However, like the accessories released, the new Antigrav Missile will be available for coins in the store, allowing everyone to get in on the wacky antics!

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Note: To view the above video in high quality, click here.