Treasure Isle: Mayan Isles II maps released, and they're not easy


It's about a week since Treasure Isle released new maps, so we knew it was only a matter of time before next batch of maps would be ready to dig. Treasure Isle has just released the second set of Mayan Isles maps, and here's everything you need to know.

There are 7 maps in total, and they are named Misty Swamp, Calm Pools, Ancient Quarry, Brave Warriors, Defiant Stone, Lonely Tree, and Shadow Garden.

Treasure hunters are reporting that these maps are much harder than the last set. Some blew through 70,000 coins without even unlocking the third map.

Some of the Mayan Isles II islands have 6-7 swarms per island, all requiring bug spray at 5,000 coins for 10 sprays. While there are always the diehards who will speed through the maps, we suspect that most people will have their progress paused while they try to earn more coins to be able to continue on and complete these maps.

Do you think the new Mayan Isles II Treasure Isle maps are too hard, too easy or just right?