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Foreclosures are up, interest rates are down, but what really caught your eye was the touching story of an Army wife's fight for her home. It's all here on HousingWatch -- along with the rest of the top stories this week.

Foreclosures Rise in Military, Army Wife Goes to Battle
An increasing number of military families are falling behind on their mortgages -- see how one Army wife is fighting back to make sure she has a home in which to keep the home fires burning. Read more.

2. Hollywood Sign Watch: Preservationists Ask Californians for Help
Hollywood icons, philanthropists, and L.A. locals have banded together to preserve the land surrounding the iconic Hollywood sign. The owner of the plot is planning to develop the land if a sale can't be arranged. Read more.
Mortgage Interest Rates Drop
Prospective homeowners breathed a sigh of relief this week, as average interest rates take a downturn after weeks of increases. See what it might mean for you if you're currently in the housing market. Read more.

4. Shred, Baby, Shred. And for Free!
Something for free around tax time? Yes, please! In support of identity theft prevention, the Better Business Bureau offers free document shredding each year after Tax Day. Read up to be ready for next year. Read more.

5. Miami's Viceroy Uses Celebrity Chefs to Sell Condo Units
A Miami condo development has jumped on the celebrity chef bandwagon, luring prospective buyers with the promise of meeting the on-site restaurant's top rated -- and recently published -- chef. Read more.

6. Foreclosures on the Rise
March foreclosure numbers are in, and the stats confirm that home foreclosures are still on the rise. Is it cause for alarm, or just a delayed reaction brought on by foreclosure "prevention" programs -- which often only delay the inevitable? Read more.
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