Tiki Resort adds a monkey and other tropical items to free gifts

Tiki resport found new gifts
Tiki resport found new gifts

If you've been waiting and hoping for some new gifts in Tiki Resort, well you're in luck.Today, Tiki Resort has released four new gifts. These items might look a bit familiar, as a couple of them have been available in the Shop in the past.

The Island Ice Chest is for those of you who get a bit thirsty on your island and need a refreshing cooler. The Hula Fire Torch is a great animated addition to your luau, and the Macadamia Tree is sure to provide fruit year round for sustenance.

And of course, who can forget the Pet Monkey? This precious little guy has been available in the Shop for awhile for 30,000 shells, so you might already have one. We generally scoff when games give away things for free that we've already spent hard earned coins on, but then again -- who can resist a batch of free monkeys?

What are you waiting for? Log in to Tiki Resort and send your buddies some gifts today!