Switching Careers: Following their passions in wine, law

Michelle Moreno
Michelle Moreno

Unemployment remains at 9.7% but there are signs that the job market is improving slowly. In March, the economy added 162,000 positions. Job search engine Indeed.com found that for the first time in 2010, there were fewer than 10 people per job posting in major metro areas like Washington, D.C., San Jose and New York.

"Our Job Market Competition index shows a big reduction in competition for jobs nationwide, providing further evidence that an economic recovery is underway," says Indeed.com CEO and co-founder Paul Forster in an e-mail to WalletPop. "Cyclical industries like retail and hospitality will continue to show the steepest rebound, although job opportunities are likely to grow strongly across all major industries as the year progresses."

Good news for Michelle Moreno, who is retraining to be a sommelier. She and investment banker turned lawyer Ari Abramowitz share their stories of reinvention.

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