SPP Ranch Night Beach Theme and Treasure Box get the party started


Following the trip to Outer Space and the Spring Cottage set, SPP Ranch has a new theme in the marketplace. The Night Beach theme adds completely unique items to the variety of goodies in the SPP Ranch store.

Night on the beach means partying under the stars, sitting around the bonfire, and all sorts of other good times. We're pleased with the twist SPP Ranch put on the otherwise common genre. Be sure to check out the rest of the items not shown above, found in the new releases section of the store. The goods go for both coins and gold so be sure to do some browsing.

Also new is the cow print Treasure Box full of secret surprises. These mysterious packages have been surfacing all over SPP Ranches. Like trapped and abandoned animals, these treasure chests appear at random, buried under your ranch. To dig them up and open them will require the help of your friends, so make sure you have enough neighbors.

Head over to SPP Ranch to get in on the nighttime beach party and to potentially discover the cow print treasure box.