Two paws up! PetVille undergoes a big overhaul

petville launches a brand new lookPetVille has just launched a brand new look for their game user interface, and it's a huge improvement. As any PetVille regular can attest to, the icons along the bottom of the screen are constantly getting in the way. How many of you have been trying to click on a banana peel or a dirty sock only to accidentally launch into the shop or go outside? It's a regular occurrence that will hopefully not happen nearly as much.

The new PetVille interface has not only shrunk the game buttons along the bottom of the screen, they have been moved into a thin gray bar along the bottom of the game. The experience bar, coin amount, food timer, cleanliness, and energy bars have all been made sleeker and smaller. All in all, there is a lot more room within the game and the icons are taking up much less space. This is a welcome design change, and something players have been asking for for a long time. It's too bad the house icon in the lower right couldn't be made smaller, but this is a good start.

The new design will also randomly show one of your Facebook friends who play PetVille but are not your neighbor along the bottom of your screen, by your neighbor bar. This is helpful for connecting you with existing friends who are already enjoying the game without you.

What do we think of this new PetVille interface design? Two paws up! How about you?
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