Pet Society Shopaholic Credit Card: Everything you need to know


A few days ago, Pet Society released a brand new premium item available in the shop, the Shopaholic Credit Card! Unlike most items that are simply decor, this one has a very special purpose - to help you level up faster.

Collecting Paw Points is the name of the game in Pet Society. You get Paw Points by buying and placing furniture and decorations in your pet's house, by visiting your neighbors, by cleaning your pet, and by spending time doing various activities in Pet Society. The new Shopaholic Credit Card is an item that you place inside your house anywhere you'd like. It will make it so that you earn 10% extra Pet Points for every item that you buy in Pet Society. Neat, isn't it?

If you're already maximum level or do not care about your level, you may not want this credit card, however we think it is a rather interesting piece of decor. Also, even if you're max level, your points will still accumulate and the neighbor bar at the bottom of your screen is sorted by Paw Points. Therefore, you may be unable to level up anymore but you can still pass your friends in the most Paw Points! Some people are a bit disappointed that it's only 10%, but that will definitely add up over time!

The new Shopaholic Credit Card is available for 15 Playfish Cash in any shop you visit. It's unclear if this will be a permanent feature or a limited time.

Do you have the new Shopaholic Credit Card? Do you notice a big difference in leveling speed?