My Town's hodge-podge of new buildings: Gothic Mansion, Beach House, Sushi Bar

My Town tends to go off the beaten path, and instead of releasing items in themes and batches - the game usually rolls out buildings here and there. This is a good tactic to keep people interested, but it also means a lot of news to keep up with. Today, My Town have released four new items -- three of them are new buildings: Gothic Mansion, Beach House, Sushi Bar.

The Gothic Mansion is a spooky, almost haunted looking, large multiple story house. The Beach House is a huge structure, and will make a great addition to the beach items that were just released. It seems like every game is experimenting with Asian flair lately, and My Town is no exception. The Sushi Bar is another large building for your town. There's also a new yellow brick path (just in case you want to follow the yellow brick road).

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