Los Angeles' Model Green Home: How Green Is Yours?


Typically in California, we retrofit houses for earthquake protection. Now a new business Residential Energy Assessment Services is retrofitting houses to make them more energy efficient and "green." Clever business model, especially in this market.

To demonstrate what they can do for your house, the firm worked with eco-design and green building material companies to create the prototype Zenergy House in Studio City, Calif. that showcases numerous green, energy efficient materials and practices.

At a recent launch party, Hollywood's go-to green guru Ed Begley Jr. checked it out as did numerous green bloggers. Simply put, the Zenergy house is a showcase for green building practices that should be considered before remodeling any older home or building a new one. Reports by the Green Resource Council indicate that often a "greened" house sells faster because buyers are increasingly seeking out environmentally friendly homes and in some cases, per a survey by Green Builder Media, they're willing to pay a premium for such updates.

But will this green remodel work for any house?

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