Happy Island releases new buildings


Happy Island has just released a new set of five new buildings! These buildings do not seem to follow any particular theme as they are quite varied in use and style. It is unclear if these are available permanently or for a limited time. Here is the set of new items that were released!

Noodle Stand - Level 13, 6400 coins, Collects: 650
Space Pirates Set - 65 Facebook Credits, Collects: 1600
Sustainable Shelter - 55 Facebook Credits, Collects: 2000
French Bistro - Level 21, 85,000 coins, Collects: 2200
Island Grill - Level 23, 97,000 coins, Collects 2250

As you can see, some of the items are priced very high. The Island Grill is quite neat looking, but I'm not sure I'll ever have quite that much in coins! The French Bistro is a very elegant building, and the Sustainable Shelter fits in nicely with the Earth Day theme.

Which of these new buildings will YOU buy?