Free downloads of Yoko Ono, Sufjan Stevens and Graham Parker

ten free downloads
ten free downloads

Ten free and legal downloads sure to strike the ear of the cash-strapped college student.

1. Yoko Ono: "Give Me Something (Junior Boys Remix)"
While casual pop culture enthusiasts will most readily associate Yoko Ono with being the wife of John Lennon, anyone in the know considers her an avant-garde solo artist. Though her material over the years has ranged from ultra-strange to curiously satisfying, this particular remix finds her familiar cackles colliding with club-friendly beats that are likely to widen her audience well beyond a dedicated niche.

2. Broken Bells: The MySpace Transmissions
One of the most unlikely collaborations of the year also happens to be the most intriguing. Comprised of Brian Burton (the world knows him as Danger Mouse) and James Mercer (lead singer of The Shins), this group is a gloriously diverse merger of programmed electronics and sparse indie rock. In this exclusive live EP, the guys adapt a slightly stripped-down approach from the self-titled CD, but still offers plenty of clever production twists over Mercer's delightfully docile musings.