Free coupon for Burger King Whopper

free Burger King Whopper coupon
free Burger King Whopper coupon

Get a Burger King coupon for a free Whopper when you sign up for Heartland Food Corp's VIP customer club, i.e. e-mail newsletter.

The website says the deal expires Jan 2, 2010 but the link works and I received a coupon via e-mail a few minutes after I registered. The coupon I received expires May 5, 2010. No purchase is necessary.

The coupon has my name on it and says a cashier will ask for ID when I redeem it. Sounds like Burger King is trying to cut down on people sharing the coupon digitally and by printing multiples out.

Caveats: you must be 13 or older to join the VIP customer club.

Thanks, Its Hip 2 Save!

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