FarmVille Modern Buildings: Modern Cottage, Modern Home, Modern Barn, Modern Tool Shed

farmville modern buildings
farmville modern buildings

The Modern themed collection of special limited edition items also includes a set of new Modern FarmVille buildings. These new Modern Buildings were released on 04.22.10 and can be purchased in the FarmVille Market during the next 14 days only. These new Modern buildings match the Modern themed decorations that can also be found in the market.

farmville modern barn
farmville modern tool shed
farmville modern home
farmville modern cottage

The set of Modern buildings includes:

- Modern Cottage – 27 FV$
- Modern Home – 36 FV$
- Modern Barn – 30 FV$ (Storage Building)
- Modern Toolshed – 24 FV$ (Storage Building)

This article was reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.