FarmVille Fan Cow Now 50,000 Coins!

farmville fan cow
farmville fan cow

The FarmVille Fan Cows can now be purchased for 50,000 coins.

Even though the Fan Cow cost 12 FV$ just last Tuesday, as promised by Zynga, with the gaining of more Facebook fans for the FarmVille Cow Fan Page, the price would drop.

From FarmVille Cow's Facebook Fan Page:

"FarmVille Cows Congratulations are once again in order! With 3 Million Fans, our new Fan Cow will be available for 50,000 coins in the Market very soon! It's still available right now for 12 Farm Cash, and we'll update you again as soon as this changes."

You can become a fan of the FarmVille Cow by visiting this link:

FarmVille Cow Facebook Fan Page

This article was reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.