FarmVille care package updated with white goat; claim it fast

farmville care package updated with white goat

FarmVille updated its care package with a white goat, which is cute and all -- but we're more excited about the fact that you can claim this care package even if you claimed the previous version. That means you'll get another free can of fuel, 4 FV cash, 1 Unwither and instead of a choice between Puppy Kibble, Stable Parts or Spring Eggs, this throws a white goat into the mix.

Now, don't get greedy. Much like the previous care package, you can only collect one of the new version. Not one every day -- just one. If you try to collect more than once, you'll be bounced to a page that looks like this.

farmville care package only one

These care packages have been a major boon to farmers, especially those of us who've been running low on fuel or haven't had enough time to properly tend to the crops. To get a new FarmVille care package with goat, click on this link.

What's the first thing in this package that you'll use on your farm?

[Via FarmVille Freak]
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