Clever Hiding Places for Your Valuables

secret storage in a bookSo you're looking to place your valuables somewhere hidden, but you can't afford to trick out a secret room in your apartment, nor can you afford the world's most expensive safe. Now you can conceal your keys, credit cards, passport, jewelery, or other items in plain sight inside any of these top-secret options.

Just don't let your camouflage techniques outsmart you next time you're searching for your stash....

Hollowed Out Books
Find yourself a secret hiding place inside a book. Literally. The hollowed-out center of a book doubles as hidden compartment from Secret Storage Books. Choose a book that will blend into your existing library for best results. If you're not the type to have an antique copy of "A Tale of Two Cities," choose one that might legitimately live on your bookshelf instead. (Look through the site's categories -- you'll find everything from cookbooks, sports, humor, sci-fi and the classics).

Of course, you can also hollow out a book you already own (and presumably don't want to read again). It will take a lot of patience to cut out the pages with an X-Acto knife, but it's possible. Cut a guide you can quickly trace on every page. You'll need at least a one-inch perimeter for the strongest storage solution.

Fake Deodorant

hide money in a deodorant container

Need a hiding place for valuables as you travel? A good project is a fake deodorant stick. You pull out the deodorant and replace it with a melted candle. (Use your sculpting skills to fashion it to have that "just rubbed under someone's pits" appearance.) Then simply pop the fake deodorant in and out as necessary. The full DIY instructions are here.

Tricky Ironing Board

use an ironing board to hide items

Almost everyone owns an ironing board but who thinks of it as a hiding place? Between the pads of an ironing board is an unlikely place for someone to look, and can be easily removed. Just make sure any accidental exposure to high heat won't ruin what you're hiding. More everyday hiding places and tips can be found here.
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