Candle Safety: Don't Get Burned

candle safety
candle safety

It's estimated that yearly retail sales of candles is a $2-billion business in the U.S. and that seven out of 10 households here use the sweet-smelling mood-makers. So chances are, dear reader, that you are a candle-user.

Whether using candles for home décor, relaxation or aromatherapy, the question is: Are you burning them safely?

According to FEMA an estimated 15,600 residential fires are started each year by candles, leading to 150 deaths, 1,270 injuries, and $539 million in direct property damage.

Historically, when candles and hearth fires served as the primary source of light, house fires were hardly uncommon. However, in a modern era with buildings constructed of largely fireproof materials, candle fires are an unnecessary danger that's also easily preventable.