Cafe World: Super Stove now easier to complete

The Cafe World Super Stove was just recently released, and we wrote up a handy guide to building it. Today, Cafe World have just announced that for a limited time, it will only take 40 parts instead of 50 to build your stove! If anyone has been trying to build their stove like I have, you know what a pain it is to collect all those pieces.

The Super Stove is a great addition to your cafe, because it allows you to skip all preparation stages while cooking a recipe. No chopping, slicing, and mixing! However, 50 pieces to build it can end up being frustrating, especially if you have only a few friends who play Cafe World. It appears that perhaps Zynga are noticing that players aren't making enough progress on their Super Stoves, so they've decided to make it easier for everyone. It will be interesting to see if they end up making this change a permanent one. What do you think?

How close are you to completing your Super Stove?