Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Tradition-Rich Hebrew-Alphabet Posters

The Bargain H

untress has a colossal interest in typography; I consider it one of the most fascinating and evolving art forms. Typographic art inspires and reveals stories and history. Just like any picture or painting, typographic art is worth a thousand words.

I once featured the haunting typographic embroideries from Hugo & Marie. Today I introduce you to a small -- but expanding -- collection of Hebrew-alphabet posters created by Tsilli Pines, a Jewish artist and designer. She merges traditional art forms with modern design, and intertwines her family's stories with work on her site, Alef Betty.

"I was aiming to design a set of posters that people would want to hang in their homes today, so that another generation could grow up looking at these letters," Pines writes on her blog. And those wishing to own a set of her posters are in luck: Pines offers RentedSpaces readers an exclusive discount.