Apartment Guru: When Bedbugs Bite

bed bugs
bed bugs

Dear Apartment Guru,

I am a broker who is in a dilemma. I have a client who doesn't know that the condo he wants to buy has been infested with bedbugs two times in the last year. But I really need the commission and he has been such a nightmarish person to sell to. However, I do like him as a person.

Now, I don't "formally" know about the bedbugs. In other words, I found out about them overhearing a conversation between the current occupant showing the place to her friend while I happened to be in a different room in the space.

Really this is an ethical dilemma more than anything else. I think the condo manager will be the one who gets in legal trouble for failing to disclose the information to prospective buyers. So what do you think I should do?

-- Trying to Be Good Person Who Also Makes a Living