Social City: Two limited edition buildings and brick streets

Social City has just released two limited edition buildings, a Leaning Tower and a Donut Shop. These items are not only available for a certain amount of time, they also have a limitation on how many will be sold in total. While the Donut Shop has plenty remaining, the Leaning Tower is now under 10,000 and could sell fast. Unfortunately, both of these items are only available for City Bucks, and not coins.

Along with the two new buildings, Playdom released a new Brick Street tile that can be used to pave all sorts of brick roads around your city. Originally, this was only available for 1 City Buck per street tile (which could REALLY add up) but later on in the day, Social City ended up releasing it as a gift as well. While that is an excellent decision for everyone who wouldn't have paid City Bucks for the brick roads, anyone who did buy the brick road for City Bucks before it was released as a gift could be upset with the wasted money. It's nice to give players options though, so we appreciate that the brick roads can be obtained from friends as well as paying real world money.

Have you bought a Donut Shop or a Leaning Tower for your Social City yet?