My Town reveals all new gifts for players


My Town has released gifts, and not just one or two, but fifteen new gifts in total! It is not often that a game will completely switch out all of its gifts and bring out new ones, but My Town has done away with all of its old gifts in favor of brand new shiny ones. These aren't small gifts like shrubs and trash cans, either. All of these gifts are actually surprisingly exciting. Take a peek at the list of new My Town gifts:

Spring Gnome
Snow Cone Shack
Rusty Craphole
Tree House
Tier Fountain
Java the Hut
Ice Cream Parlor
Photo Booth
Brick House
Clock Tower

So far, we've gotten a peek at the Garden Gnome and Horse and they were rather nice looking. Have you seen any of these new gifts yet? Which ones are you begging your friends to send to you?

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