Laundry Detergent: DIY and Save Money

DIY detergent and cleaning supplies
DIY detergent and cleaning supplies

Whether you share a common laundry room or are lucky enough to have laundry facilities in your rental, everyone faces a similar challenge: How to save on the suds. (And no, not just the drinking kind.)

Depending on the amount and the frequency with which you do the laundry, a year's worth of detergent can cost you $75 or more. (This assumes spending less than $7 a month for detergent. You can easily spend more for high-energy formulas or fancier brands.) That's on top of the coins necessary to run the machines and/or the utility expenses you absorb for the luxury of having facilities in your building.

To quickly motivate yourself ask: How long does it take me to make that $75, or what else would I rather buy with it?

The solution? Some slimy, but frugal, DIY laundry detergent.

Here's the how and why, and a secret the laundry detergent cartel doesn't want you to know....

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