Jungle Extreme releases Earth Day set of items


Jungle Extreme is always releasing new items, decor, and features on a rapid basis - so of course they were not to be left behind for Earth Day! No matter what game you play, chances are there are Earth Day decorations for you to buy with your hard earned coins and cash. Jungle Extreme has released a decent sized set of decorations to celebrate this holiday, and we have the full scoop on the available items!

Recycle Flower - 100 credits, 50 XP, sells for 1100 coins
World Flower - 200 coins, 6 XP, sells for 530 coins
Recycle Tree - 300 credits, 30 XP, sells for 120 coins
Earth Day Pigeon - 2000 coins, 6 XP, sells for 61 coins
Green Earth Statue - 320 credits, 64 XP
Love Earth Statue - 5800 coins, 58 XP
Earth Flag - 150 credits, 30 XP
Green House - 800 credits, 160 XP
Earth Stone - 2800 coins, 28 XP
Earth Day Cookies - 50 coins

All of these items are only available for 2 days, so hop into Jungle Extreme and buy them while they're hot!

Do you play Jungle Extreme? What do you think of the new Earth Day items?