Hamptons Rental for the Rich -- $35K a Day!

Though the strain of recent economic times has caused many would-be summer renters to downscale to Craigslist rentals or even glorified couch-surfing, not everyone is willing to slum it this summer.

Make space on the list of Ridiculous Luxuries for the Hamptons rental house that's just been booked out for two weeks at a wallet-busting $500,000! The tony Sandcastle estate is listed for sale at $49.5 million, but can can be yours - temporarily, at least - for just $35,000 per day.

The 31,000 square foot house is situated on 11.5 acres of Bridgehampton real estate, and features -- along with 9 bedrooms and 11.5 baths -- luxe amenities like a bowling alley, climbing wall, tennis court, disco, and even a skateboard half-pipe.

The estate has reportedly just booked out for the first two weeks of July, but is listed as available for two weeks in August. Hurry -- at this price, it won't be on the market for... ahhh, who are we kidding. Just enjoy looking at the pictures while you make your own (hopefully more modest) summer vacation plans.

Not ready to lay out half a mil for 2 weeks' vacation? Snag a better Hamptons rental deal with this new auction site.
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