Free sample of o.b. tampons

free o.b. tampons
free o.b. tampons

Get a free sample pack of o.b. tampons when you register on the site with your name, address, e-mail, dob, and phone number. They also want to know what brands you currently use for period supplies. I want to know if the sample comes with the cute purple carrying case depicted in the link above?

Getting the freebie sample means you agree to get e-mails from o.b. in the future, but you can always unsubscribe if you don't enjoy them. If share all that personal info is too much for you, get coupons for o.b. products instead (or in addition to).

If you've never used o.b. tampons, they are super compact because they don't require an applicator, which means less packaging and waste. The freebie site says o.b. tampons have 58% less waste than applicator brands, which makes this freebie a very "green" one. Today is Earth Day, afterall.