FarmVille Fan Calf!

farmville fan calf
The FarmVille Cow won the Battle of the Barnyard Facebook Fan page competition and the Fan Cow debuted today. In no time farmers were already adopting baby Fan Calfs!

If you are a fan of the FarmVille Cow's Facebook fan page, you may purchase the Fan Cow in the FarmVille Market for 12 FV$. Also, you may receive a Fan Cow for free if you adopt one from one of your kind FarmVille neighbor's Facebook newsfeed. Note, with the purchase of every Fan Cow, you may share one with a FV neighbor.
farmville fan calf

The Fan Cow can be placed into Dairy Farms for the chance of yielding a Fan Calf. If you produce a Fan Calf you will have the ability to share it via Facebook newsfeed and give your FarmVille neighbors the opportunity to adopt! The only way to receive a Fan Calf is by adoption.

This article was reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.
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