FarmVille Chocolate Cow spotted on a farm


FarmVille Freak Devos spotted a Chocolate Cow in the wild, and on a neighbor's farm!

If you remember, the Chocolate Cow was an unreleased item that surfaced around the time of Easter (March 31st) and was never officially released. However, this is not the first sighting of one on an actual farm, FarmVille Freak Pookie spotted one on April 1st.

We have confirmed this sighting for ourselves, and FVFreak moderator and blogger Cabbage Patch Kid visited the Level 26 farmer's farm herself and captured the following screen shot. It is not photo-shopped or altered.

FarmVille Chocolate Cow
FarmVille Chocolate Cow

Out of respect for the neighbor, we will not post the link to their farm to prevent intrusion by our whole FVFreak community

Do you have a Chocolate Cow, if so how did you get it?

This article was reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.

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