Zynga's Mark Pincus says no to IPO (again) in CNBC interview

Will FarmVille maker Zynga IPO anytime soon? That's the rumor that's been flying for months, though CEO Mark Pincus denies that those plans are in the works on this CNBC clip.

"I'm not sure where those rumors come from, but we can pretty consistently say that we don't have plans to go public."

Then what are the future plans of Zynga?

Pincus expertly avoids giving a real answer to the questions and says "our future is tied in the future of social gaming." Yeah, yeah, buddy. Give us something we can chew on, would ya?

A few interesting tidbits came out of the interview, however, like the fact that Zynga doesn't want to 'distract' players from their games with lots of in-game advertising. Last week, we heard scuttlebutt that FarmVille would be integrating some ad sponsored crops, but we haven't seen anything along those lines in the game yet and we're glad that -- for now -- FarmVille and other games won't be bombarded with ads.

Pincus also mentions something about narrowcasting social gaming feeds on Facebook, so any updates would only go to fellow players, and not spam everyone on Facebook, which would be a fantastic idea. Raise your hand if you feel slightly guilty for spamming all of your non-gamer friends with FarmVille, Mafia Wars updates. *Raises hand.* Unfortunately, there hasn't been any mention of that (not yet, at least) at today's Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco, which you can watch live here.

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