YoVille: Vespa and sewing machine collectible preview

YoVille has just posted teaser images on its wall about two new buildable collectibles in the factory! This pale green Vespa and lovely sewing machine and sewing table could be giving us a hint of what the next theme may be. As of this writing, they are not yet in the YoVille Factory, but they are apparently on their way along with two other items we haven't seen yet!

The current buildables, the Enchanted Pegasus and the Centaur Statue have not been in the factory for very long, so many players are worried that they will be removed before there is time to finish them. However, YoVille has told us that there will be two more additional collectibles that have not yet been previewed, so perhaps there is the possibility to have four available at a time. We will find out soon!

To complete the buildable items in YoVille, you must collect the widget supplies from your friends or buy them with YoCash.

What do you think the next YoVille theme will be?