Space-Saving and Stylish: Stackable Kitchenware

stacking kitchenwareStrategic stacking of dishes, cups, and pans can mean gaining precious inches in kitchen cupboards or counters. And rather than precariously place mismatched items on top of one another for an inevitable crash, why not think about stackability?

Now there are tabletop products that make it easier.

Previously we've told you about clever Renaissance-inspired dishes by Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli. But there are so many worthy stackable items out there that will not only add space but style.

Goodbye to the leaning tower of coffee cups and peruse our gallery for a ideas that definitely stack up!

Stylish and Stackable
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Space-Saving and Stylish: Stackable Kitchenware
Bold colors are a bonus to the usefulness of Bill Holding's Nest 8. And what's in a name, you ask? The set includes: a sieve, a colander, two mixing bowls and four measuring cups. And they all stack neatly within the large mixing bowl.
Designed by Rob Southcott these porcelain cups are inspired by the American Indian totem pole, a sculptural tradition used by tribes in the Pacific Northwest and parts of Alaska. The many faces on totem poles tell a story, and your stackable beauties can too.
Bring the outside indoors with these leaf-like serving plates "Seasons" by designer Nao Tamura. The lightweight serving dish is made of silica sand, can be rolled up and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. The "leaves" vary in shape, just like in nature. Tamura’s creations stack up well, but as gorgeous as they are, you might well be prone to leaving them out to artfully embellish your table.
The Civic Stack is an ingenious example of drawers you can use as a buffet to store your dishes, flatware and linens. The Portland-based design studio Von Tundra even offers a choice of colors.
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