Social City now available on the iPhone and iPad


Love Social City and just can't get enough? Now you can play Social City on the go on your iPhone and iPad! The Social City application has just been released in the App Store, and it is free!

The Social City app connects to your already created city, or makes you a new one if you do not associate your Facebook account. On your iPhone or iPad, you can do just about anything you can do in the game on Facebook. You can interact with your leisure buildings to clean them up, you can queue up contracts in your factories and have your phone alert you with push notifications when they are ready to be collected. You can even buy City Bucks from anywhere and trade your coins for City Bucks! The only limitations are that you cannot send invites or neighbor requests, or actually buy and place buildings down on your city.

The prices for City Bucks directly within the iPhone are as follows:

25 City Bucks - $4.99
55 City Bucks - $9.99
120 City Bucks - $19.99
320 City Bucks - $49.99
670 City Bucks - $99.99

The new Social City application eliminates the majority of social features of the game, making the name kind of ironic. You can't visit your friends' cities, you can't invite people or add neighbors. It could be that a paid version of the game will be coming in the future, which is a common business model for casual games on the iPhone. Interestingly, this positions Social City in a really good place for iPad consumers, since the iPad cannot run the Adobe Flash Player. This means that the majority of Facebook games do not actually work on the iPad, unless they're not built in Flash or have a custom iPad application developed for them. With rumors abound that Zynga are possibly bringing FarmVille to the iPad and iPhone, perhaps we'll start seeing a mad race for the top spots on the iPhone app store?

What do you think of the new Social City iPhone application?