Restaurant City: Seaweed Salad and free Seaweed

Restaurant City has been releasing freebies like crazy during this Japanese theme, and today's special surprise is a free Seaweed ingredient for the new recipe -- a Seaweed Salad. This new salad requires seaweed, ginger, and a chili pepper, which can be bought for 12 PF Cash.

While American's generally consider seaweed a type of gross algae found in our lakes and rivers, many Asian countries eat it as a regular part of their diet. It is actually rich in Calclum and Magnesium, and is used in salads, soups, and used to wrap sushi. Neat, huh?

If you would like to claim your free seaweed ingredient for the next 24 hours only, cilck here. You do not need to log fully into the game, but you may want to just to be safe.

Enjoy your free seaweed and have fun making Seaweed Salad!