Rental Roommate Nightmares: Mystery Job, $8 Naps and a Nude Girlfriend

Oh what nightmares we have in store: A roommate situation that not only could turn into a job but a career, an $8 place to nap, and a guy with a nude girlfriend.

All of this can be found on Craigslist, along with maybe your worst roommate ever.

Read on to find out the full skinny...
Brooklyn, N.Y.: $420 share my 1 bed rm with me (brooklyn)
Very laid back pot head barely ever home weekends have a g/f who comes over once in awhile who likes to walk around nude. All we do is smoke and have loud sex, feel free to watch listen join or turn music loud. u must be 420 friendly and have ur own stuff rent neg dep on what u bring to the table.

Our Take: What would I bring to the table? Maybe some clothes for the girlfriend who likes to walk around nude a lot, and some earplugs for all the loud sex you claim to be having.

Atlanta, Ga.: FREE ROOM for exchange for "JOB" than can turn later into a Career (LAKE LANIER)
deer come on property
Fox on property
Snakes have been seen twice in 5 years here.
Chipmonks live here
Squirls galore here.

Our Take: You are a regular Doctor Dolittle with all the animals that "come on property." Why is "JOB" in quotes? Does this vocation-that-could-lead-to-a-career involve tending to all the critters?

Atlanta, Ga.: $10 Pay per night. Overnight $10. Nap after work $8. (Midtown/6th and W. Peachtree)
I was talking to someone I'd just met yesterday and after chatting a while he randomly asked me if he could crash on my couch cause he works downtown but lives far out in the suburbs. This gave me an idea. If you're a professional stable individual who sometimes doesn't feel like commuting and want to come over at night and crash on my pull out sofa any given night you can do so for $10. Or if you don't feel like dealing with the evening rush hour you can nap at my place after work, say around 4 to 8 or thereabouts, for $8, and then head home when rush hour's done. Or if you're drunk on the weekend after clubbing and don't want to drive all the way back home and risk a DUI charge, you can stay for overnight for $10. No pets, children or significant others.

Our Take: This man is a genius. Often during the day I crave to nap on some stranger's couch and $8 is a very reasonable price to do so. Yes, a nice, relaxing $8 nap on a complete stranger's couch.

you will have your own room and bath,
in exchange for company, no sex !!

Our Take: Sex will be a major factor for the free rent.

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