PetVille now allows petshionistas to show off their clothes

PetVille closet
PetVille closet

What is the perfect new feature to go along with PetVille's new shopping "on the fly" ability? Being able to show off all of your clothing, of course!

PetVille players are now able to take any of their stored clothing items and proudly display them in their house for everyone to see! This is a great new addition, because there are countless times where I have been visiting a neighbor's pet and fallen in love with what they were wearing.

In the past, you would have to send your friend a Facebook message asking them what they're wearing and whether or not it is still available, or go searching through the shops trying to find it. Now, you can click clothing that your friends have placed on display and instantly buy it directly in your friend's home, as long as it's still available!

For the ultimate collector who buys every outfit they can, this is a great way to show off everything you've collected. Previously, any outfits your pet is not wearing would just be sitting in your closet and no one would get to see them. Now you can proudly display a closet full of exclusive clothing that you've purr-chased while playing. Purr-fect!

What do you think of the new fashion show-off feature? Which room will you display your clothing in?