Ode to My Assistant Maureen

admin dayO fairest Maureen more beauteous than the sun,

You make all odious work seem fun.

Whether or not I deign to come

Into the office -- all tasks are magically done.

And at my desk there is a cup of cheer

From Starbucks or Dunkin each day of the year

That you drink alone if I am in low gear.

When I am -- oh horrors! -- out too late

Wining and dining or having a date,

Mo knows morning sometimes is too early ...

O fairest one, you maintain such efficiency

There is no need to chide my deficiency.

As your voice answers my call with clarity

You are often heralded for your rarity!

With loyalty, charm and wit you serve

Always with energy and tremendous verve.

Sometimes you say I am on your last nerve!

This ode is for you, oh lovely Maureen.

You are the one whose example pristine

Shows by action, word and deed

How to deliver deft admin skills to seed

(As you recently asked for a very big raise,

Forthwith you shall get more payz!)

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