Nic Cage's Latest Real Estate Disaster: A Pyramid Tomb

Nic Cage's Real Estate Disaster
Nic Cage's Real Estate Disaster

Nicolas Cage's housing troubles are enough to drive a man to his grave. Perhaps that's what he was thinking when he erected a 9-foot-tall pyramid-shaped tomb in a New Orleans cemetery. Who knows why Cage decided on this design, but as first reported in TMZ, it is possible it's because his film National Treasure used such an image on its poster.

But the real issue here seems to be overspending given the numerous homes he lost to foreclosures, and his elaborate home decorating taste.

People magazine says that court documents filed by Cage's former financial advisor, Samuel J. Levin, who is in a legal battle with the actor, characterize him as "an out-of-control and debt ridden spender who bucked any attempt to reign in his over-the-top lifestyle."

But there's a remedy for compulsive shoppers say experts HousingWatch spoke to, and basically it boils down to "get a life."