Next round of Fanta-Sea decor comes to FishVille

Last week, FishVille released a whole set of underwater fantasy decorations including fairies and a variety of other mystical items. Today, the next set of Fanta-Sea decor has reached the FishVille store, and we have the full details for you! Here is the list of brand new items in FishVille:

Purple Mushroom - 25,000 coins
White Mushroom - 25,000 coins
Sleepy Tree - 5 Sand Dollars
Sea Dragon - 15 Sand Dollars
Mushroom Village - 6 Sand Dollars
Blue Fairy - 8 Sand Dollars
Red Fairy - 10 Sand Dollars

With most of these items requiring Sand Dollars in order to purchase, many players are bound to be disappointed. However, there is no doubt that fairies, mushrooms, and beautiful underwater fantasy themed items will be high in demand. Especially since this theme was requested by the players themselves in the last FishVille survey!

The Sea Dragon is a limited time item, with just over 6 1/2 days left on it, but it also the most expensive item in this release. The limited time Sea Unicorn will be leaving the store within the next 8 hours, so act quick if you wish to purchase her before she's gone!

Do you think this is all of the Fanta-Sea items, or will we see more? Leave your thoughts in the comments!