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Which of the following happened in L.A.?

The Original Crackberry Pinkberry closed in WEHO...

Obama-came-to-LA-and-all-we-got-was-this-stupid-twitpic for a "30 in 10" update...
  • Nic Cage can't give his Bel-Air home away.
Actually it was all this and more. Here's our weekly round up of Los Angeles real estate news.
  • Look elsewhere for your Crackberry West Hollywooders
Five years after frozen yogurt craze Pinkberry changed the social life of everyone in L.A. from teens to Hollywood Hipsters to Botoxed moms, the chain closed it's original location at 868 Huntley. Cause of death: No parking. How L.A. is that? No worries for you Crackberry addicts though, they still have other locations nearby. The Huntley location will house admin offices for Pinkberry.
  • Is This Progress Santa Monica?
In more parking news, Santa Monica is considering getting rid of a huge parking structure to make way for a suped up AMC Movie Theatre. See Pnkberry item above for why this really doesn't make Santa Monicans life any better. Without parking issues L.A., how do we exist?
  • No one wants Nicolas Cage's Bel-Air Mansion
How sad.
  • Forget Amsterdam: America's First Pot-Friendly Hotel in Koreatown
I would've thought San Francisco. Prop 215 coauthor, pot enthusiast and hotel developer Denis Peron has the pot friendly Hotel Normandie opening this week (insert 4/20 joke here). It has a "hippie rustic" theme. Will they think you're a narc if you ask for a no-smoking room?
  • The City of East Los Angeles
East Los Angeles is one step closer to becoming it's own city. "East Los Angeles is recognized across the United States as the corazon of the Latino community. It's time for it to have the power to determine its own future," said state Sen. Gloria Romero. Let's hope it does a better job with it's budget than Los Angeles. Can't really do much worse.
  • RIP Chief Daryl Gates
Former L.A. Police Chief Daryl Gates passed away. His more than 40 year career with the department involved overseeing the Rodney King riots that paralyzed and changed the city.

  • Transit Issues: "30 in 10"
If all we have for Mayor Villaraigosa's "30 in 10" effort during Obama's visit is this twicpic, we got problems, L.A. This Thursday there will be a vote by METRO board members on whether to formally support the "30 in 10" plan. METRO will hold four Green Line Extension meetings from April 26-May 5.

The latest Westside Subway Extension Presentation is available online. If shows METRO proposed station locations, ridership projections and general information.

  • East of L.A.: The City of Riverside Holds Dubious Award
Riverside had the country's highest percentage of distressed homes this past January.

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