Home TV: Week in Review

We did nothing but watch home-improvement TV shows this entire week. Why? Because we like you. We know you're busy with other things like driving the kids to soccer practice and planning for that holiday in Delaware.

We picked up your home-improvement TV-watching slack to bring you up-to-speed with this week's sound-bite updates of "Flip This House," "Extreme Makeover," "Divine Design" and more. Here's what happened....

"Flip This House"
(A&E Saturdays 11/10c)
A graffiti-covered exterior and a fire-damaged interior mean big potential profits on the team's latest acquisition -- a run-down duplex in a working-class San Antonio neighborhood. On closer inspection, the flippers wonder whether they underestimated what it will take to flip this house. Things start looking up when they find a buyer during the early stages of construction. Trouble brews as the buyer discovers that the house has been condemned by the city and scheduled for demolition. Oh no!

"Extreme Makeover" (ABC Sunday nights 8/7c)
Ty and the team rebuild the fire-damaged Connecticut home of a musical family who give the gifts of song and inspiration to the community. And guess what? Rapper Xzibit is the celebrity volunteer. You might remember him as hosting MTV's "Pimp My Ride."

"Divine Design" (HGTV Saturdays 8/7c)
Homeowners Jaime and Kyle use their home office as a den, too. With it looking much like a locker room, however, it's time to bring designer Candice Olson into the game. Come on Candice, you can solve all problems with extreme divine design.

"The Outdoor Room" (HGTV Saturdays 1/noon c)
We meet a couple not blessed with green thumbs. Their barren, parched yard has zero plants except for one lone cactus. They need an outdoor room that can be easily maintained and where both kids and dogs can play. Host Jamie goes back to his native Sydney, Australia for inspiration from the Royal Botanic Gardens, which houses one of the greatest collections of that continent's native plants. From the stunning gardens, Jamie takes away the idea for rammed-earth walls. Not only are the walls sustainable, but when Jamie adds natural red oxide to California dirt it creates an authentic Australian Outback feel. Time to put another shrimp on the barbie!

"My First Place" (HGTV Tuesdays and Thursdays 8/7c)
An Asian-American desires to buy a home in Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown that would keep him close to work and connected to his heritage. After a long search and tough negotiating he gets a good deal on his dream condo. Problems: surprise lending restrictions on new construction bring everything to a halt. For months the only thing the new owner can do is wait and wonder whether he'll ever get to close on his first place.

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