Home TV: HGTV's 'Tough as Nails' Episode 5

It goes without saying that Boston builder Cindy Stumpo is tough. The name of her HGTV series, "Tough as Nails," tells you as much. Did you catch her reality show last week? If not here's what you missed:

Hard-nosed MILF-y Cindy tries to juggle the family business, demanding clients, and her personal life, while working in a male-dominated industry,

"Come on guys! Get to work," she barks at the beginning of every show.

The Week's Episode: A Fresh Start
Big things are afoot. Cindy is moving offices and she has two weeks to do it. Her lease is up and the new office still needs to be renovated. Conflict!: Cindy's daughter Samantha found the perfect space, but it needs a lot of work. Irony!: This contractor has to renovate her own office. Thus the workers will be going nonstop until it's done.

More conflict: Samantha fights with her live-in boyfriend and goes back home, where Cindy gives her the full loving-mom treatment. One problem: Cindy is a neat freak and Samantha is a complete slob.

Meanwhile, back at Cindy's new office, the builders are putting the pedal to the metal in order to finish on time. A dispute breaks out among two of Cindy's workers. She steps in and tells them they are behaving like little children.

Renovation resumes. The office is completed within the time-frame. We see a montage of what it looked like before and after. Everyone is pleased.

In the end Samantha decides to leave her boyfriend and live at home. "I'm happy to have you hear," Cindy quips. "Just you are a slob! "

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