FarmVille Puppies: When will they grow up?

farmville puppies -- when will they grow up?
farmville puppies -- when will they grow up?

Last night was expected to be an eventful night on the Farm, many people fed their puppy for 14th time. Well, nothing happened. After much excitement, farmers have expressed frustration that their pups did not grow. Channel Zero (Official FarmVille Forum Moderator) said this in response to the complaints:

Once again, as I stated in the announcement from this morning, once the timer finishes counting down to the point where your puppy would run away, the counter should start to count up instead of down. Also, the puppy's timer should show as the 'Hungry In' instead of the 'Feed' timer.

To repeat, your puppy should not run away, nor will you need to feed it any additional kibble to keep it on your farm. If for any reason at all, your puppy does run away after its 14th feeding, I ask that you PM with details including when you first purchased your puppy, what date you fed it for the 14th time, as well as when the puppy ran away.

We'll keep you updated on when puppies should be ready to grow up, but for now we ask that you please remain patience, and to reiterate, once you have fed your puppy for the 14th time, you'll no longer need to purchase kibble or feed it kibble regularly.

Source: Official FarmVille Forums

So, it would seem our beloved FarmVille Puppies will not be growing tonight. Channel Zero's slightly vague post stated that we will be updated "on when puppies should be ready to grow up".

Many FarmVille players expected a full grown up Dog after 14 Kibble feedings, but there was no 'transformation'.When do you think we will have full grown FarmVille Dogs?

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