FarmVille gifting gets a big overhaul (that's a good thing)

One of our biggest gripes about FarmVille -- and all social games in general -- is the gifting feature. There's nothing more annoying than bouncing between the gift request on Facebook to the game and back again.

Looks like that's going to change on FarmVille, which rejiggered its gifting system. In the upper right hand corner of the game screen, you can now see an envelope and a number next to it, which alerts you with how many gifts you have waiting to be accepted.

farmville gifting overhaul

Click on the envelope and that will pop a new window that will list your pending gifts, who they're from. You'll have the option to Accept or Ignore each gift.

farmville gifting

Gifts you accepted will appear -- as per usual -- in your gift box. We're pretty impressed with how the new gifting feature is working so far and give it two hooves up.

What do you think? Is the new FarmVille gifting feature is a huge improvement?
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